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German Grading System

August 22, 2022

German Grade Calculator

German Grade Calculator is a simple tool that is used to convert the grades in GPA, percentage, or American grading system (1.0-4.0) into the German grading system (4.0-1.0). The German Grade Calculator works on the basis of the Modified Bavarian Formula.

Germany Grading Practice

German Grade Calculator includes many grade conversion systems. They exist to offer a good value with a better approximation to the German grading scale. Universities are using the system and formula, which is known as Modified Bavarian Formula.

WES studies have rendered the average grade in Germany that lies at approximately around 3.0. The below WES table converts a 3.0 to a B equivalent in the US.

German Grade
‘sehr gut’
‘nicht bestanden’

sehr gut: Very good, it means that the requirement has met the achievement, excellently.

gut: Good, it means that the achievement meets the requirements, more than the average one.

befriedigend: Satisfactory, it means the achievement meets the average requirements.

ausreichend: Sufficient, it means that the achievement meets the requirements, anyhow.

mangelhaft / ungenügend / nicht bestanden: Failed or Insufficient, it means that the achievement is not meeting the requirements.

Grading Practice in India

  • The colleges have started using either 10 point scale or a simple percentage to grade the students. This 10 point scale is known as CGPA (or cumulative CGPA). The elite colleges like IITs, NITs, and BITS Pilani use these pointers or absolute ones that the percentage needs to be just divided by 10.
  • Though there are different criteria that the colleges follow for their students, some are very stiff for the same. They require around 50% as a minimum graduation percentage. For the students, it becomes mandatory to score higher. Every student is expected to score at least 70% (for percentage) or 7.0 (for CGPA). This score is 2.80 on the German Scale for GPA.

  • This is quite strange and strict too that many classic German universities clearly thrash the applications if the GPA is above 2.50 for the German Scale. Now, this often becomes confusing for both parties. When none can compare two different gems with each other, this is quite unfair to compare German and Indian grading. Thus, many schools don’t ask their students to convert their scores from one grade to another.

Some notable points

  • Refrain from converting the scores to the German Grading System. On the flip side, if the university asks you to do in their requirements, you can apply the grading scale used by your bachelor’s university.
  • Since the schools for strict or easy grading system, no rigid calculation can strictly point out your ability. The students may express their top-grade that they have obtained relevant to the top score student. If the rank is expressed in SOP, things get clearer. A few universities consider this factor as a better criterion to select or reject the students.

  • Universities make the final decision after judging the students’ bachelor grade. In this way, you shouldn’t forget to mention your rank in the class, in your LOR. Universities scan LORs to process them further.

German Grade Calculator

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